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Buy Laser Fume Filters

Laser Fume FiltrationThe Chemtools® LVX Series are specially designed for debris and fumes generated from cutting, marking or engraving when using a laser machine. These fumes are hazardous and should be removed from the working environment.

Buy Air Filtration & Fume Extraction Systems

CVX series Fixed Air Flow Fume extraction unitChemtools CVX series Fixed Air Flow Fume Extraction Unit is specially designed to capture and clean fumes and gases generated from soldering, adhesives, stained glass work and many other indoor applications.

Buy Air Filtration Systems

Fume Extraction CabinetThe Chemtools® FVX Series Air Filtration Cabinets are designed to extract harmful fumes, odours and vapours from your workplace. The cabinets sloping front polycarbonate panel and LED strip lighting allows for greater hand access and viewing.


Buy Process Fume Filters

Process Fume FiltrationThe Chemtools® MVX Series process fume filtration systems offer multiple benefits to greatly enhance your manufacturing environment and operator comfort. Plant flexibility is increased, downtime reduced when relocating lines.

Buy Soldering Tip Fume Extraction Station

Tip Extraction SystemsChemtools® TVX-150 is a powerful yet affordable tip extraction station, which is designed to support up to 15 Soldering Stations. Chemtools® European built motor will ensure optimum performance for many years.

Dangers of Smoke and Fumes from Plasma Cutting

Plasma Cutting

Plasma-arc cutting (PAC) uses a high velocity jet of hot 27760°C (50,000° F) ionized gas to sever almost any conductive material--carbon, alloy, and stainless steel, and most nonferrous metals and alloys. The nozzle of a PAC torch constricts the plasma gas--air, oxygen, or nitrogen--to heat and ionize it. The process blasts out molten material along the cutting path at high speed, up to 255cm (100 inches) per minute through steel plate one inch thick or greater.

In addition to high energy radiation (both UV and visible) generated by PAC cutting, the intense heat of the arc creates substantial quantities of fumes and smoke from vaporizing metal in the kerf. Because most of these submicroscopic particles and gases are harmful, air filtration systems must be designed to handle both large and small particulate.

General Workplace Safety considers natural ventilation to be adequate if work space per welder is at least 285m³ (10,000 ft³) and if ceilings are at least 4.85 (16 feet) high with no barriers or partitions to impede airflow. Welding in smaller areas, or in any area where exposures cannot be kept below specified PELs (Personal Exposure Limits), requires forced ventilation. Beyond the minimum requirements, it is important to provide extra ventilation when welding materials contain large amounts of copper, lead, zinc, or beryllium.



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